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About Us

Our Team

Garden Manor Farms, Inc(GMF) is a beef processing plant located in The Hunts Point Market Co-Op in Bronx, NY.  Although GMF has only been around for about 20yrs, the men and women behind it have a long history of success and experience in the industry. 

How We Started

GMF was founded by Robert F. Riccio and a handful of hardworking, dedicated individuals in 1997.  Mr. Riccio is the owner/operator and has been in the beef business for over 50yrs.  His father and uncles started their first business, C. Riccio Co, back in the 1930s, opening up a store front in what is more commonly called “the Meat Packing District” of Manhattan.  Here they processed carcasses and sold specialty cuts of loins, ribs, chuck and insides.

Where are we today

From here the business morphed several times as the world changed and beef consumption changed with it.  As the carcass business was absorbed by the major packers, squeezing out the smaller shops, Mr. Riccio moved into the trimming and grinding end of things.  This turned out to be a wonderful and well time transition, not only for the company but for the consumer base as well.  Customers now a days enjoy the tastiest, most consistent ground beef and hamburgers in the area.

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