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Here at GMF we do only a few things but we do them to perfection, every time.  It all starts with what we do with our source product. 

Our Process

We process and trim beef top round insides to the exact specifications of various customers to meet their specialized needs


We then use the 100% beef trimmings to make ground beef for retail and institutional customers alike.  Our ground beef is packaged in variety of forms ranging from fresh 10 or 20lb poly bags to 5lb vacuum sealed packs, our most common size.  We can create vacuum packages as small as 8oz and frequently make 12-24oz packs for several customers. 


Those 2 processes are only the beginning of what we do here though.  Our main focus is hamburgers.  We have 2 productions lines that form up to 15,000lbs of fresh hamburgers every day.  This is our most popular item and what we are known for.  since every burger is made from beef top round cap and deli trimmings, there is never any grizzle or bad bites like from some other processors.  our burgers have the best natural flavor of any of our competitors due to the way we process and what we process with.  We don’t cut any corners, use the freshest source product available and immediately blast freeze after forming.  This allows our burgers to cook in a much more consistent and flavorful manner.  We’ve even been told by some of the largest food service providers that our burgers beat the competition hands down in blind taste tests. 

Our Service

We have a strong, loyal following of customers because of our second to none service, product and consistency.  Every day of every week, every grind or burger made will taste the same the one before and the one after.  It’s this kind of commitment to quality that brings them back while also bringing us referral after referral from very satisfied customers.

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